Have a good idea? Think deepr.

the Big Picture

List your ideas from big to small, in structural way.
You can get the whole idea just in the blank of an eye.

big picture big picture

Stay Organized

When project & idea comes bigger, use drag & drop to organize, and keep your mind clear.

stay organized stay organized

Simple (KISS)

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

We follow the KISS principle, to keep it simple.
Priority flag? Drag to top, that’s it.

keep it simple, stupid keep it simple, stupid

Extra Features

Keyboard Navigation

Use keyboard to navigate whole project (←↑→↓)
No extra buttons, clicks, and options.

Drag & Drop

Move your todo to any level, to organize your idea, project, in any times.

Think deepr

No messy boards, no level restrictions.
Exert your imagination, think deepr.